Why Are Plumbers So Expensive

Why are plumbers so expensive?


Was I just ripped off when the parts only cost “xyz”…..


Many of us have these question when it comes to hiring a plumber. So why does it seem like every small or large plumbing job will cost you an arm and a leg?


The key reasons you need to hire a licensed professional;


Some argue that plumbers save more lives than the average doctor. You’re probably wondering how I could say something like that keeping in mind both the very different job backgrounds. Well, if you take a look back in history the most deaths that occurred in the world started from people becoming gravely ill from diseases that were spread by poor or overall lacking sanitation and plumbing as well as contaminated water supplies. #blackplague


Professional plumbers, like myself, are part of the backbone of what runs and keeps our great cities going. Take a moment to really consider what you would do if you couldn’t shower, let alone a hot shower, couldn’t wash your hands or any of the dishes you eat off of every day. Not to mention everyone’s favorite bathroom pal, the toilet. You may also know this nifty invention by the names: “the John”, “the porcelain throne”, “the Lou”, or the more simple term used by those with more of a squeamish side, “the water closet”. These are all things we take immensely for granted today, but if they disappeared tomorrow we’d be shit outta luck. Plumbing as well as many other trade professionals, are jobs that are guaranteed to stay in our great cities and employ our younger future generations with an honorable career while at the same time bringing in a great salary. These are the jobs that can’t be shipped overseas or done with a half effort throw a bandaid on it standpoint.


Why not hire a handyman?


You may think that hiring a plumber with a business comes along with paying for the overhead that comes with it. While a handyman is cheap, and simple. While saving yourself a few bucks.


There is no shortage of disaster stories that have happened to people who have tried the handyman route. Try searching some stories on youtube yourself to see  some of the disasters first hand.