Freezing Weather and Damage

Its that time of year again, time to be careful of your plumbing that is susceptible of damage from freezing weather.  Removing your hose and putting a dab of water proof grease on the threads will prevent your frost proof type hose faucet from damage.  If you have a regular style hose spigot then further measures such as shutting off the water supply and properly draining the exposed portion of the faucet is necessary.  You should store your hose indoors and smear some water proof grease on the connectors to preserve them till next season.  I have seen an increase of low quality connectors being sold, and have in many cases  had to replace hose spigots because of inferior metals being used instead of brass.  The couplings become seized onto the threads and damage the valves.  Buying a quality made product will prevent this, if you think you have one of these putting water proof grease on the connection can also help.  If you need assistance with any type of winterizing  contact your local plumber for help.