Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater maintenance is there such a thing, I often get asked this. There is a way to flush out some of the mineral sediment that builds up over time in your tank. Is this something I suggest doing? Not usually, why don’t I suggest performing this task? Well anytime you open a valve at the bottom of a vessel holding gallons of water connected to your homes plumbing system there could be a problem. A piece of sediment can clog the drain valve and then you have an emergency plumbing call on your hands. If you feel you want to flush out your water heater call a professional plumber in to walk you through the process, we can also make sure you have the proper working valves needed to perform the job. After that if you feel comfortable doing the task then by all means do so, once a year should be helpful. You can also protect your water heater and other water using appliances in your home by installing a water softener or other proven method of water conditioning. So give us a call and lets do some preventative maintenance.