Plumbing And Landscaping

Think before you plant.   Planting trees and shrubbery is something that should be done with thought and consideration of your plumbing.   Planting a tree near your main drain may cause root infestation into your pipes.  This will require annual drain cleaning or replacement in the future.   That little tree you plant can cost thousand of dollars to get rid of when it grows up.   Also planting shrubs and plants near  your gas meter or electric meter or especially your A/C compressor  can be very detrimental to the workings and repairs to those mentioned.   Getting to these pieces of equipment is always going to be necessary for maintenance and repairs.   Blocking them will escalate the cost of operation and services to keep them working properly.   So before you try and disguise that ugly unit or pipe, think about how ugly it is when it doesn’t provide the service it is there to perform.