Simple Care For Your Dishwasher

There are few things that can simultaneously  save you time and money, but your dishwasher does.  It not only saves you time by washing your dishes, but does it less expensively by not over working your water heater like hand washing .  Over time how ever you may find your dishwasher is not performing the way it use to or developing an odor.  A little TLC can help you with these problems.

Inspect the seal at the door- Wipe away any minerals that may have built up on it.  A little white vinegar and a cloth is all it takes.

Cleaning the screen-Located in the bottom of your dishwasher you most likely have a screen to catch food and silverware that may fall there.  Simply clean the openings or remove it and clean it in your sink with soap and water.

Fight mold and mildew- Simply pour two cups of apple cider or white vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher and run it on the heaviest setting to clean things up.

Make sure of a high loop- Your drain hose that is ran under your sink and connected to your plumbing should always go up and then into the connection.  Simple visual inspection and this can be determined.

Check the level- Make sure your dishwasher is level.  An off dishwasher can perform badly.  By simply adjusting the legs this can be corrected.

If you need help with any of these tasks call your plumber, we can help assist you with this.

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