Plumbing Winter Maintenance Chores

It’s that time of year again,  old man winter is showing his face.  Time to shut off the water feed to your outside faucet.  It is also a must to disconnect the garden hose from the spigot.  Not only will bringing in you hose for the winter prolong the life of the hose, but it is essential to a frost proof type hydrant.  In many case’s I see people leaving there hose connected to there outside faucet because they are told it is the type that doesn’t  need to be winterized.  Yes there are faucets for which they have a long stem and shut off inside where it is warm.  However if the hose is still attached the water can not drain out of the hydrant.  If the hose is removed yes there is no reason to shut off the water to this specific type hose faucet.  Any other type of outside hose valve should be shut off at the water feed to it inside the home.  If there is a problem with the valve it may need to be replaced.

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