Lawn Mowing Landscapers and Plumbing

It’s  that time of year again, landscapers are out mowing lawns.  Every year we seem to get a call or so for a clogged main drain and find that the vent pipe was hit by a mower.  It is wise to let your  landscaper,husband, son, daughter, wife or whom ever is responsible for the mowing of your lawn, know that this pipe is not to be run over or hit in any way.  Marking it is very wise, you can simply place a flag or stick next to the pipe.  Maybe paint it with a bright color to make it more visible.  This pipe connects directly with you home’s main drainage system, if it is damaged it can be very expensive to repair.  And having a main drain back up is certainly no day at the beach.

 Shown here is what a typical vent pipe looks like.