Avoid The Face Lifter

As many visits to homes that we make to repair plumbing issues, we sometimes find a really nice remodeled bathroom but look at the piping behind the walls and find nothing was changed or upgraded. This is also what a lot of “flippers ” do. These companies come in and are not licensed in plumbing and only do what is necessary to make the remodel pretty. While leaving the bones so to speak alone. This leaves home owners with a LARGE headache later when the ignored piping goes bad. In some cases the entire bathroom has to be ripped out to rectify the problem. It is always a good idea to ask about your existing pipes and what the “contractor” plans to replace. Having a licensed Master Plumber asses the plumbing system to see if re-piping is necessary. I really don’t enjoy seeing a homeowner in this situation, having to explain they were in a sense ripped off.